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Integral Financial Modelling®

  • Analysis and control of your customer portfolio

  • Independent tool for validation according to the requirements of: Solvency II (ORSA), IAS / IFRS 17

  • Cost-effective management control

  • Estimation, validation and predictive power of a portfolio

  • Improving profitability

  • Optimize the portfolio composition

  • Calculate correct damage provision for insurers

  • Review future premiums per risk group

  • Setting up and prognostising the revenue settlement (care)

Our solutions are used in 15 countries worldwide.

Why Integral Financial Modelling®

IFM ®, Integral Financial Modeling: A Scientifically Validated Tool for Insurance Portfolio Management

IFM® , Integral Financial Modeling, stands as an unrivaled software tool, scientifically validated by a panel of distinguished scientists in Europe. Recognized internationally and grounded in rigorous evidence, IFM® has been the trusted choice of (inter)national clients for over two decades, providing them with tangible benefits on a daily basis.

IFM® empowers insurers to seamlessly analyze and control their customer portfolios, ensuring their financial stability and profitability.

As an independent tool, IFM® adheres to the stringent requirements of Solvency II (ORSA) and IAS/IFRS 17, providing insurers with the confidence that their portfolio management practices are aligned with the highest international standards.


IFM® promotes cost-effective management control, enabling insurers to optimize resource allocation and minimize unnecessary expenses. By leveraging sophisticated forecasting models, IFM® accurately estimates, validates, and predicts the performance of insurance portfolios, allowing insurers to make informed decisions that drive profitability.

With IFM®, insurers can optimize their portfolio composition, ensuring a balanced distribution of risk and maximizing returns. Additionally, IFM® accurately calculates damage provisions for insurers, ensuring that they are financially prepared for future claims.

IFM® empowers insurers to review future premiums per risk group, ensuring that pricing strategies are aligned with the actual risk profile of their customer base.
Furthermore, IFM® facilitates the setup and forecasting of revenue settlements for care-related expenses, providing insurers with valuable insights into their future financial obligations.


IFM® stands as an indispensable tool for insurance companies seeking to enhance their portfolio management practices, improve profitability, and achieve sustainable growth.

Its scientific validation, international recognition, and proven track record make IFM® the trusted choice for insurers worldwide.

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The advantages of Integral Financial Modelling®

Compliance with regulatory demands

​IFM® is an excellent tool for internal and external actuarial certification on annual or quarterly results as needed by IFRS 17 or Solvency II among which ORSA. IFM® can also be fully used for a ‘full-audit’ trail, there is a simple interface with auditor and regulators.

High quality management information

IFM® provides high quality management information through dynamic financial analyzes. With respect to reserving and working capital requirements.

Faster risk management

Smart actuarial and econometric stochastic models ensure faster and better control of insurance risks.

Stand-alone software

IFM® is stand-alone software, so there is no need for a high-risk system-integration.

Strong predictive power

A validated prognosis, because of the stochastic structure, which accurately predicts future expenditure.

Considerable cost-reduction

IFM® reduces the costs of your actuarial and financial departments because a lot of work is done automatically. This gives you the opportunity to improve the capacity of your staff.

The IFM® white paper

In practice, insurers, proxies and service providers regularly run into problems at a certain moment which can not be solved manually. IFM® takes the broom through the hassle and ensures peace and regularity. In the white paper you will get an overview of the problems that insurers deal with and how IFM® solves these problems.

Download the IFM® white paper

IFM® is a complete solution. But how does IFM® work, what are the costs and what do customers think? Download the whitepaper for an answer to these questions.

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Examples of parties where our software is used...

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The functionalities of Integral Financial Modelling®


Calculation of estimated claim reserves, risk-adjusted loss and validation of claim reserves.

Data analysis

Solve missing data, reconstruct negative amounts and determine regime changes.


Calculation of expected cash flows, scenario analysis with visibility in changes, and estimated expected losses.

Capital allocation

Required capital per product type, aggregation calculation of diversification and determine insurance risk.


Estimating the net risk premium, capital costs and sensitivity analysis of parameters.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Portfolio validation, portfolio analysis, control of data in line with product conditions, discover hidden risks and possible divestments of portfolios.


Competition and stringent regulations pose a challenge to every insurer, broker agency or expert organization.


Our partner, Posthuma Partners, an internationally oriented software house and actuarial consultancy firm, provides solutions for financial Risk Management.

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Example case of an insurer

With the support of IFM® a insurer (4,2 billion revenue) made changes to the actuarial and financial department:

Past and Future

The dual model of Ai-Data looks at the past and the future. Due to the stochastic approach, the predictions are very reliable. In this way, the expectation of care procurement is optimized.

Lead time and staff

The turnaround time of estimating the technical provision was reduced and staff costs were saved considerably.

Rest and regularity

Standard procedures deliver better data quality. Deviations are therefore better detected.

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Integral Financial Modelling®

Review insurance portfolios through stochastic modeling. Determine the strategic route and substantiate it with figures.

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