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Data Processing


Decrease loss ratio, guaranteed!

By combining actuarial knowledge and management know-how in top-level software, eData offers
A ‘need-to-have’ set of tools for every vehicle insurer, non-life insurer, healthcare institution and broker agency that wants to optimize the results
of its core business.

We guarantee your loss ratio decrease by 2 - 6%!

Over 50 international insurers in more than 15 countries using this tool with great results.

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AI solutions offer by eData

Financial Report

Claims Management Filter ®

CMF ®, Claims Management Filter®, is eData's cutting-edge data analytics tool that transforms claims handling, leading to significant cost savings and a reduction in fraudulent claims.

Statistic designs

Benchmark AI

Insurers can reap numerous benefits by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their cost benchmarking and claims processes. Discover some compelling reasons why insurers use InsureFlow solutions embracing AI in this domain.

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Integral Financial Modelling ®

IFM ® has been the trusted choice of (inter)national clients for over two decades, providing them with tangible benefits on a daily basis.

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AI Damage Check

Video and artificial intelligence are having a major impact on the insurance industry. These technologies are being used to assess the condition of property before and after accidents, estimate the cost of repairs, and prevent fraud. 


Data analysis

Data Analysis: The Key to Unlocking Hidden Value and Driving Insurance Success

Data analysis is the cornerstone of a successful insurance company


AI Document Scanning Engine

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing document scanning in the insurance industry, bringing about significant advancements in efficiency, accuracy, and overall customer experience.

Proud companies using our solution...

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